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TJsFundMe Program

Raise the money you need with pizza sales through the TJsFundMe program from TJ's Pizza in St. Louis, Missouri. Our program is designed specifically for individuals who need to fund raise and are not affiliated with a group, school or team. Sales are easy because the product you’re offering is our delicious frozen pizza, as well as dessert, braided breads, and cookie dough. It’s a great way to raise money for a variety of reasons and situations, including:

• Child Care
• Team Fees
• Athletic Fees
• Mission Trips / VBS
• Tuition & Books
• Charitable Foundations
• Educational Opportunities
• Summer Instructional Camps

• Ice Time
• Equipment
• Martial Arts
• STEM Programs
• Boy Scout Camp
• Athletic Instruction
• Gymnastics Instruction

• Uniforms
• Robotics
• Zoo Pass
• Vacations
• Field Trips
• Medical Funding
• Family Reunions


Placing an Order


You must enter your order online and pay through PayPal™. You’ll earn an initial 45% profit before paying the 3.725% sales tax and a $15 delivery fee(Optional). 

OPTION #1 sell 100+ items and receive an initial 45% profit less MO sales tax.  Delivery is free!  Our office will contact you to coordinate your delivery schedule.

OPTION #2 sell 25-99 items and you'll earn a 45% profit less MO sales tax.  You will be given the option of delivery($15) or picking up at our plant at checkout.

Contact us in St Louis County, Missouri, to learn more about the TJsFundMe program which raises money through pizza sales.